“Pressure Washing Near Me”
“Pressure Washing Near Me”

What happens when you Google search “Pressure Washing Near Me”?  Are you getting good results?  Are you getting the best results for your sake and the sake of your wallet? Lets take a closer look…… 

Pressure Washing Near Me 

Usually when you are ready to find a company and make a purchase you will type the service you need and then, like magic, whatever trade you enter is followed by “near me” as an autofill option for you to choose.  If you decide to choose this option, your search results will look very different than if you did not.  Why?  Well its kind of complicated.

Roof Cleaning Near Me

Lets take for example you need your roof cleaned.  You google “roof cleaning Peachtree City GA” and a list of roof cleaning companies is displayed, many from outside of Peachtree City.  If you select the autofill option and end up searching “roof cleaning near me”, a list of companies is displayed in order of distance from your current location (assuming you let google use your current location).  The question is, which option is better for you?  

Pressure Washing Near Me 

In my opinion, not using the autofill option of “near me”.  Using the option near me simply displays the pressure washing companies that are closest to you, maybe not the best.  Take for example our business, Firehouse Pressure Washing.  We pressure wash and roof clean and soft wash and concrete clean in Newnan, Sharpsburg, Tyrone, Brooks, Senoia, Coweta, Meriwhether, Fayetteville etc, but our office is in Peachtree City.  Does that mean that we do a better job preforming exterior cleaning in Peachtree City than we do in Newnan?  Of course not.  However if you live in Newnan and google search “pressure washing Newnan” and select “near me” when it is autofilled, you might not ever hear about Firehouse Pressure Washing, and that would be a shame because “No one is better with water than a Firefighter on his day off’!


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Wondering who is the actual best fit for your exterior cleaning needs? Check out our reviews! There are a lot of exterior cleaning companies out there that claim they are the best, but customer reviews speak the loudest on who actually walks the walk! After every job we complete our clients are sent a short survey to see how we did, this is a list of all responses. See for yourself why “No one is better with water than a Firefighter on their day off”!

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