Power Washing

How do we define power washing? How is power washing different than pressure washing or soft washing? The main difference is the use of hot water. We use hot water and pressure in power washing. With pressure washing, there is only pressure – no hot water. There are appropriate applications for both pressure, power, and soft washing. 

Firehouse Pressure Washing implements both pressure washing and power washing. Why? Because we choose the technique based on what is being cleaned and the proper way to clean it.

For dirt and mildew removal we use pressure washing, for grease and oil removal we use power washing. Our expert cleaning crew determines what will be best upon our arrival at your home or business.

When You Need Power Washing

An example of power washing is removing oil and grease from a dumpster pad at a local restaurant. The experts on our staff are the absolute best at choosing the correct technique and tool for the job. We always start with low pressure and work our way up to high pressure when cleaning any surface. You can trust that your vinyl, stone, rock, plastic, metal, or fabric will be safe from damage.

The difference between power washing and pressure washing may not be clear to you.  We are experts at our trade and can distinguish the need for one versus the other. So, you should always hire a professional to perform exterior cleaning duties. Firehouse Pressure Washing is a licensed and insured company. We carry full workers compensation (including the ability to walk on roofs). We have the best equipment in the industry.

Firehouse Pressure Washing has a proven track record in pressure washing, power washing, soft washing, and roof cleaning. Check out our extensive Google reviews. You’ll see our reputation speaks for itself.

Our Pressure Washing History

Firehouse Pressure Washing is a member of the PWNA (Power Washers of North America). We stay on top of changes in technology and technique by attending industry events. In fact, the owner of Firehouse Pressure Washing is a frequent speaker and instructor.

The owner of Firehouse Pressure Washing washed his first house in 1994. And he has been washing houses ever since. He has trained the Firehouse staff as well as power washing professionals across the US.  Becoming an expert in any industry takes years of experience.  But beyond that, it’s important to us to help to improve the industry.

When one of our technicians arrives at your property, they follow our training regimen to the letter. We have strict processes, standard operating procedures to ensure safety and quality. These allow us to produce the best power washing results money can buy.

Why use a Fire Fighter for Power Washing?

Our experts at Firehouse Pressure Washing are all full-time firefighters.  They perform exterior cleaning on their days off from the fire department. Even the owners of Firehouse Pressure Washing were firefighters.

When firefighters are on shift at the fire station, we train on scenarios we may face in the field. Our staff is trained at the “burn building” which is a concrete structure used to simulate house fires. We train with vehicle collisions by cutting up and manipulating donated junk cars. Firefighters train on medical calls by using CPR manikins. Or other training aids such as artificial arms and legs to start IV’s and apply bandages. We also train on building construction, so we know what we are facing when we enter a building to fight a fire.

Power Washing Safety is Important

At Firehouse Pressure Washing, we carry over this training regimen to exterior cleaning. We are not only firefighters but also Emergency Medical Technicians such as EMT-I, EMT-P and FR. So, we train using proper personal protective equipment. Eye protection, respiratory protection, and skin protection to name a few. We use the knowledge we gained in medical school about PPE and body substance isolation. Working with our hands every day requires us to work safely. The Fire Department is where we learned how to be safe and effective on all job sites we work on. We pride ourselves on maintaining OSHA-approved workplace safety on our job sites.

Our Power Washing Specialties

We clean commercial and residential properties such as:

  • Homes
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Churches
  • Parking lots
  • Parking decks
  • Curbs
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Roofs
  • Awnings
  • and more!

We have learned throughout the years how to clean any exterior surface we come across. We know when to pressure wash. When power washing is best. Or when soft washing is the way to go. And we have perfected our methods for each. Through years of serving the community, we know how to achieve the best cleaning results.

What We Clean

The majority of our cleaning comes in the form of homes and concrete. We will soft wash a home that consists of vinyl siding or hardy plank siding. We also clean stucco and log homes. For these, we use specialized techniques we have perfected over the years. Often, we will power wash areas such as driveways when there are oil or grease stains. We also power wash sidewalks, front porches, and back porches of houses. Using a low-pressure technique we clean and restore wooden or composite decks and fences, as well as vinyl and PVC fences.

When you call Firehouse Pressure Washing, you know you are getting the best. The best people in the form of an all-firefighter crew. Leading authors and instructors in the power washing industry with the best methods.  The owner of Firehouse Pressure Washing writes articles for industry magazines. And he has taught on stages across the nation.

Why Use A Recognized Professional

An educated client is our best friend. With every home service industry, there are unprofessional, uninsured, and uneducated contractors. These people are ready to take advantage of any homeowner. Firehouse Pressure Washing’s reputation reflects good business. We have over 200 5 star Google reviews and counting. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and it shows by everyone we have contact with. If you have questions, we are happy to explain every step of our process. We want you to appreciate a job done right.

Our clients praise our professionalism, timeliness, cleanliness, communication – and our results. Our technicians live for customer satisfaction. They want to do the best job possible leaving you as happy as possible. We live by the old adage “It takes 5 years to build a good reputation and 5 minutes to destroy it”. We do everything to maintain our stellar reputation within the communites we serve. Both at the Fire Department and at Firehouse Pressure Washing.

If We Miss Something, We Fix It

If there are any areas that we need to re-address we follow up to provide the best service possible. We treat you like our family. And that is what makes us the best in power washing, pressure washing, soft washing, and roof cleaning. Take a look at our google reviews to see what everyone is saying. See why they will keep calling us year after year for their power washing needs!

Firehouse Pressure Washing have been in the industry for 20+ years and offer the best results out there, period. Please feel free to contact Morgan in our office at 770-468-0014, email us at info@firehousepowerwash.com, visit our website at firehousepowerwash.com, or check out our Facebook page Firehouse Pressure Washing LLC, and remember: “No one is better with water than a firefighter on their day off”.

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