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Roof Cleaning in Peachtree City is paramount as most rooftops here in the south accumulate dirt and algae. The large majority of the population in the United States has a roof made of asphalt shingles. The asphalt shingles adhere to the roof and protect the house from water infiltration, temperature, and uv light. Asphalt shingle roofs last 10-20 years depending on the weather of the area they are in. The asphalt shingles have a granular coating on them to further insulate and protect the roof of the house. The granular coating, usually made of rock, hold mold and mildew. If left unchecked, the mold and mildew will continue to grow and expand over the roof. This layer of mold and mildew holds water, which leads to premature shingle degradation and wood rot. This is a problem for the homeowner and that is where roof cleaning comes in.

Roof Cleaning in Peachtree city ga

The reason that we say roof cleaning in Peachtree City and not roof pressure washing in Peachtree City is like it sounds. You cannot pressure wash a roof in Peachtree City Ga. If you pressure wash your roof the water will dislodge the granules on your roof shingles. This leads to your roof failing faster. A specialized roof cleaning system is used for applying a solution to a roof with low to no pressure. 

The system runs from a gas-powered air compressor that supplies air at 100 pounds per square inch. The fluid pump uses air to push fluid through a rubber hose. Out of a specialized nozzle designed for roof cleaning. The nozzle for roof cleaning has specialized tips. That adjust the spray pattern of the solution. When the solution is first applied to the roof the roof should be pre-rinsed. As well as the foliage below to prevent browning of leaves. Once the area is saturated with water the roof treatment process can begin.

The roof cleaning solution is applied via the roof cleaning system. As another technician waters down the area to prevent vegetation browning. A technician will apply the roof cleaning solution from a ladder or from the roof. Every roof is different and requires a unique approach. After the entire roof the technicians rinse their equipment and all of the foliage and landscape with plain water.

Rooftop Cleaning The Right Way

Roof cleaning can be done incorrectly if the company you hire does not know how to do it properly. It can take years to learn how to properly clean a roof. The technician must be very careful with overspray in order to protect vegetation below. Also, not all algae is created equal. Roof moss and algae can be very thick in some areas of the country and multiple treatments of roof cleaning solutions may be required. 

The thickest roof algae is called lichen, or even silver dollar lichen, because it is round and about the size of a silver dollar. Obviously, this will take some time to remove from the roof and clean the roof properly. When treating silver dollar lichen, it is best for the customers home to apply multiple treatments instead of one saturating treatment. If you try to kill and remove all the lichen at one time the amount of solution will be too much and damage to vegetation below will occur. 

It is important to protect all plants and shrubs during and after the roof cleaning process. It is because of this that multiple treatment is the safer alternative. With multiple treatments the solution has time to do its job and only the amount that is needed is used. In some rare cases the roof can be covered in layers of moss and algae, and this is again why multiple treatments are the best plan. You can apply the roof cleaning solution to the top layer and kill off all of that mold, let the rain remove it, and then come back for the next layer.

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As far as resale there is no other way to increase curb appeal than exterior cleaning. There should not be a house for sale with a dirty roof. It decreases curb appeal and makes the home appear older than it is. By simply cleaning the roof you can add a significant amount of money to the sale price of the home. Soft washing the house, cleaning the gutters and pressure washing the driveway and sidewalk can compound the increased curb appeal and you can then sell your home for top dollar. It is well worth the money you spend on exterior cleaning when it comes time to meet at the closing table. A very small amount of money for exterior cleaning, especially roof cleaning, can bring in thousands of dollars over the original asking price of your home or business.

Rooftop Cleaning Around Atlanta

As we do roof cleaning in Georgia and not other parts of the world, the most common roofs we clean are asphalt shingle roofs. Concrete tile roofs, terracotta roofs, cedar roofs, membrane roofs, and other types of roofs all benefit from being cleaned and expand the life of the roof material. 

Roof cleaning is known worldwide but in some parts of the world they are just catching on to just how beneficial roof cleaning can be. Roof cleaning can also save the homeowner money when it comes to their air conditioning bill. Algae and mold that lives on roofs that aren’t cleaned can insulate the attic and make it hotter because the mold and algae hold water and heat.

Commercial and Residential Roof Cleaning In Newnan Ga

Whether your home or your business, anytime your roof looks like it needs cleaned it has already needed it for a year. Once you can see the dark streaks from the road the mold is living on most of the roof, you just see the north side first. Have your roof cleaned by the proffesionals at Firehouse Pressure Washing, Soft Washing and Roof Cleaning today and remember, “No one is better with water than a Firefighter on their day off.”

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