Commercial Pressure Cleaning

There is a need for residential pressure washing and commercial pressure washing in Georgia. Commercial pressure washing in Atlanta for example to maintain sidewalks in the city streets. Regular pressure washing of sidewalks in Atlanta is a need many pressure washing contractors fill. Pressure washing sidewalks and parking lots in Atlanta is a service offered by Firehouse Pressure Washing. Businesses like outdoor shopping malls need regular pressure washing to maintain a clean appearance and restaurants are to have their concrete surfaces pressure washed. Let’s take a look at some of the many commercial pressure cleaning needs.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning In Newnan

Commercial Pressure Cleaning in Newnan Ga is the pressure washing of any business or facility that has concrete or vertical surfaces such as buildings and warehouses that need pressure washing. Pressure washing concrete in a shopping center is one example of commercial pressure washing in Newnan GA. Another example is soft washing a warehouse in Newnan.

Warehouses and commercial buildings are soft washed in the same way residential houses are soft washed. A solution sprayed to the surface of the building and let sit, then the building rinsed. Soft washing commercial buildings is an everyday occurrence in the United States. When a building and parking lot needs washed the process is as follows. The building is wet using our soft wash solution. The building is then rinsed with clean water including the windows.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning starts next with the water fed pole and DI/RO filtration unit. Each window is cleaned with a window cleaning brush attached to a carbon fiber pole. The pole and brush have a small water tube that discharges RO/DI filtered water so the windows do not spot when dry. After the commercial building soft washing and window cleaning the pressure washing of concrete is next. Commercial buildings such as retail need to have their sidewalks pressure washed when dirty. Restaurants have their sidewalks and walkways pressure washed to remove grease and food items. They are required to have restaurant pressure washing every 6 months to every year, if not sooner as mandated by the municipality they operate under (Coweta, Fayette, etc).

Our Clients

Parking lots are another pressure washing need of commercial clients. Parking lots are often made of concrete instead of asphalt, and concrete needs pressure washing. Pressure washing concrete parking decks in Atlanta Ga can and has been clean by Firehouse Pressure Washing. 

In Chamblee GA Firehouse washed a 340,000 square foot parking garage under a Wal Mart in 2010. Pressure washing and soft washing Wal-Marts is also a service Firehouse Pressure Washing has performed in the past. It took four crews one week to get the job done. The parking garage walls, and ceiling were soft washed, and the parking garages concrete floor was pressure washed to remove road grime, trash, dirt, debris, gum, etc. 

Parking garages with a lot of traffic can get very dirty. Grocery store parking lots are very prone to becoming dirty as well because of all the foot traffic. On top of the foot traffic there is car traffic, with black rubber particles being left behind daily by car tires. Customers also tend to drop their groceries which can lead to all kinds of staining and messes on commercial concrete surfaces. Commercial pressure washing is best performed by professionals because of the scope of work in such a large operation. Often water trucks come in to supply all the pressure washers with water. 

At one retail shopping center that Firehouse Pressure Washing cleaned there were three trucks with 3 machines a piece on the rig and that’s a lot of water output. Water also should reclaim if the local municipality requires it. Environmental Protection Agency standards state any concrete with grease and oil needs to be washed in a special process called pressure washing reclamation. 

Pressure washing reclamation is a service that Firehouse Pressure Washing offers. Pressure Washing Water Reclamation is a process in which a large vacuum which mounted to the pressure washing apparatus draws the water used by the surface cleaner through a series of filters. These filters have differing micron sizes and working together they filter the particulates out of the water and discharge the water back into the buffer tank so the pressure washer can use it again. Pressure washing water reclamation is another process that is best left to the professionals.

Commercial Roof Cleaning

Commercial roof cleaning is another service offered by Firehouse Pressure Washing. Commercial roofs are generally composed of the same material as residential roofs and cleaned the same way. But some commercial roof cleaning involves cleaning white membrane roofs. White membrane roofs can only be cleaned with low pressure by a professional. Speaking of professionals did you know the entire crew at Firehouse Pressure Washing that does commercial cleaning are all firefighters? Firefighters are trained on building construction and ladder safety so that makes us the perfect technicians for residential and commercial pressure washing.

Why Use Fire Fighters?

When servicing any of our clients we always strive to conduct business with great communication and professionalism. Commercial clients are no different and we make sure to email pertinent information whenever we need to, we also text and call the clients we serve to make sure no details are missed. When dealing with firefighters you can expect the job to be done with great care and detail because it is engrained in all that we do. Firefighter technicians at Firehouse Pressure Washing are trained on commercial building pressure washing, soft washing and roof cleaning. We take pride in the fact that we train weekly on a different training topic to make sure we stay up to date with the latest washing and cleaning techniques in the industry. You can trust the professionals at Firehouse Pressure Washing and remember: “No one is better with water than a Firefighter on his day off!”

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