Window Cleaning Service

Window Cleaning is a very important task that every homeowner must do from time to time. Windows are the eyes of our house, allowing the outside light to come through. Windows also allow us to look out at the world, and no one wants to do that through a dirty window. We may not know it, but as time goes by our windows collect dust and dirt. Small bits of dust, dirt and debris settle onto our windows to the point where we can see it, then window cleaning service is necessary.

Soft Washing Window cleaning Service

Our window cleaning service includes washing the home with a soft wash window cleaning method. Window cleaning services also include washing of the window by hand, or by squeegee, to remove the dirt and debris. The problem with the squeegee method is the frames. Window frames consist of rubber in a commercial setting, and rubber holds dirt. Dirt removed by soft washing and then the windows can be cleaned by squeegee.

Soft washing can be done first and only one time assuming regular window cleaning is scheduled. It is with regular window cleaning in Fayette and Coweta counties that Firehouse Pressure Washing can help.

Service Areas

Firehouse Pressure Washing preforms window cleaning in Fayetteville, Senoia, Peachtree City, Brooks, Tyrone, Sharpsburg and Newnan. With a soft wash of your windows and home and then a regular window cleaning you can have your windows and frames looking their best. It is for this reason you should hire a pressure washing company to clean your windows, so you can have them soft washed first.

Why Use FiRe fighters?

Window cleaning service is best performed by firefighters because we are safety oriented. Firefighters train on ropes and ladders every month at the fire department. We carry this safety standard with us when we perform window cleaning as well. Window cleaning can be especially hazardous when very high up and is best left to the professional window cleaners.

Window cleaning is usually performed by a professional that first applies a soap solution with a sponge or “mop”. After the soap has had time on the glass the professional window cleaner then uses a squeegee to remove the soap leaving a streak free shine. Window Cleaning is a very quick process when done by a skilled professional. When done incorrectly a window will still be dirty or have streaks. When done correctly you should not see dirt, water spots or streaks on the windows. The windows should be completely clean.

Commercial Window Cleaning Service

Businesses have large windows, and these windows get dirty. Children touch the windows at a restaurant with greasy fingers. Windows are susceptible to high traffic areas and people can spill drinks on them, run into them, and kick things onto them. It is up to a regular window cleaning schedule to keep these windows in the public as clean as possible.

Weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly window cleaning service schedules can be done by Firehouse Pressure Washing. Window cleaning is a very popular trade in big cities such as window cleaning in Atlanta GA. Cities like Atlanta have many buildings and they all contain a vast amount of windows. There are windows on every building in Atlanta and window cleaning is always needed in Atlanta. Window cleaners are hired to wash the big buildings windows by being suspended from the roof of the building. This is not something Firehouse Pressure Washing offers, high rise window cleaning in Atlanta.

Quality Tools And Training

For windows 3 stories and below trust the firefighter technicians at Firehouse Pressure Washing. Window cleaning is done with the newest of equipment, reverse osmosis and DI filtered water fed poles. Water fed poles are gaining a lot of popularity in the window cleaning world. The poles are light weight and easy to use because they are carbon fiber. The brush at the end is a high standard and high-tech brush. It discharges clean filtered water to rinse the window after the brush is used to dislodge dirt and grime on the windows. Window cleaning using water fed poles is done by Firehouse Pressure Washing.

If you have a home or business that needs its windows cleaned please give Firehouse Pressure Washing a call. All of our technicians are awesome and trained firefighter professionals so you can trust that the job is done the first time, every time! And remember: “No one is better with water than a firefighter on his day off!”

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