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The drastic difference between clean concrete and dirty concrete is like night and day.

With professional power washing, concrete can be restored to a “like new” state in most cases. We can transform even the darkest and dirtiest, most neglected driveways, patios, and sidewalks. After pressure washing, an algaecide is applied and left to dry, ensuring your property will remain clean and spot free!

Soft washing is a technique in which a cleaning mixture is applied, then thoroughly rinsed using a soft spray pattern. Soft washing does not rely on water pressure or PSI to be effective. Soft washing uses water volume to clean. This eliminates all risks that come with using high pressure such as vinyl damage, leaking windows and more.

“Wait…pressure washing a roof? Won’t that damage my shingles?”  The answers is yes – if done incorrectly.  Roofs in Georgia are highly susceptible to dirt and mold due to constant humidity. 

Those ugly black streaks that you see are usually nothing more than algae and mold; not a sign that you need a new roof! Our team can remove black streaks and discoloration with shingle manufacturer approved cleaning methods. We even back all our roof cleaning with a 5 year spot free warranty!

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