Exterior Cleaning
Exterior Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning in Newnan GA

Well, not just in Newnan, Firehouse Pressure Washing performs exterior cleaning in Senoia, Sharpsburg, Fayetteville, Tyrone, Brooks and Peachtree City as well.  We even perform commercial exterior cleaning in Atlanta.  Exterior cleaning involves, well, cleaning everything on the exterior of your home.  Just like a person would hire someone to clean the inside of their home to do things like vacuum the carpet, dust, organize, laundry, etc, we at Firehouse Pressure Washing are here to do all of those things on the outside of your home.  You know, things like……..

Pressure Washing Concrete

Just like your carpet on the inside of your home, your driveway and sidewalk gets dirty and needs to be cleaned.  We use surface cleaners to pressure wash away dirt and grime, and then apply a concrete brightener which keeps your concrete brighter, cleaner, longer.  

Soft Washing the Sides of Your Home 

Yep, soft washing is the way to go.  If you live in the south, you are going to have mold and algae grow on your home, and we are here to help! Pressure washing homes is a thing of the past, now soft washing homes is the best way to clean without damaging any of the painted surfaces of your home.  

Roof Cleaning

Ugly black streaks on your roof?  No problem!  We use the latest techniques including a roof shingle manufacturer approved NO pressure roof cleaning method to keep your roof spotless, and we back it with a five year warranty.  

So call us today for a free quote on soft washing in Newnan, pressure washing in Sharpsburg, or roof cleaning in Peachtree City, or any of the things we do in any of the areas we do them in!  Check out our entire website and Facebook page for more information, and remember, “No one is better with water than a Firefighter on his day off”!


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Customer Reviews

Wondering who is the actual best fit for your exterior cleaning needs? Check out our reviews! There are a lot of exterior cleaning companies out there that claim they are the best, but customer reviews speak the loudest on who actually walks the walk! After every job we complete our clients are sent a short survey to see how we did, this is a list of all responses. See for yourself why “No one is better with water than a Firefighter on their day off”!

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