Tell Me About The Process For Soft Washing A House In Senoia GA
Tell Me About The Process For Soft Washing A House In Senoia GA

Soft washing is a technique used for cleaning exterior surfaces. Houses Roofs and Commercial Buildings need the occasional soft washing. Soft washing removes dirt, algae, mold, and other contaminants. Here’s a guide for soft washing a house in Senoia, Ga:

Assessment Of A House To Be Soft Washed In Senoia 

Note the condition of the house to determine the type and extent of contaminants. Identify any delicate or sensitive surfaces that may require special attention.

Gather Equipment and Supplies:

Soft washing involves using a pressure washer with low pressure. Add in specialized cleaning solutions. for the optimal soft wash. You’ll need a soft wash system. Which includes a chemical injector, hoses, and a nozzle designed for low-pressure application. Choose a suitable cleaning solution based on the contaminants present.

Protect Surrounding Areas For Soft Washing In Peachtree City.

Cover sensitive plants and landscaping. Any items near the house that could be affected by the cleaning solution. Close windows and doors. Prevent water and cleaning solution from entering the house.

Pre-Wet Surfaces Before Soft Washing A Home In Peachtree City GA:

Before applying the cleaning solution, pre-wet the surfaces with water. This helps to prepare the surface for the cleaning solution and prevents the cleaning solution from drying. Apply Cleaning Solution. Use the soft wash system to apply the cleaning solution across the surfaces. Allow the cleaning solution to dwell for the recommended amount of time. Usually 10-15 minutes. This gives the solution time to break down and loosen organic matter. Agitate if necessary. For stubborn stains or soiled areas, you may need to agitate the surface with a soft brush or sponge.


Use the pressure washer to rinse the surfaces . Start from the bottom and work your way up to prevent streaking. Rinse off any remaining cleaning solution to avoid potential damage. Post-Inspection: Inspect the surfaces to ensure that all contaminants have been removed. Touch up any missed areas if necessary.

Clean Soft Washing Equipment In Senoia GA.

Clean and store all equipment and tools used for the soft washing process.

Dispose of any waste, including cleaning solution runoff. Dispose of waste according to local regulations. Safety Considerations. Follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including goggles and gloves. Be cautious about using cleaning solutions near electrical fixtures. Cover any exposed electrical outlets as needed.

Consider Professional Help For Soft Washing In Peachtree City:

So you’re unsure about the process or dealing with challenging contaminants. Consider hiring a professional soft washing service. Remember to check local regulations. The use and disposal of cleaning solutions. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the equipment and cleaning solutions you use.

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